Don Nowak
Don NowakPresident & Owner
Don joined Falcon in 1997 as an officer and minority partner. In 2008 Don purchased the company and became sole owner. Don has been involved in industrial fastener distribution for over 40 years and considers client support his primary responsibility. He has been actively involved in numerous trade associations over his career including serving on the board of the NFDA, CBNSA and SEFA.
Giovanni Cespedes
Giovanni CespedesVice President
Giovanni joined Falcon in 2008. Giovanni has a background in IT and has used this skill-set to support his key objectives in managing and improving the company’s operational objectives including client cost reduction and improved productivity.  Giovanni currently serves on the National Fastener Distributor Association (NFDA) board of directors.

Our Exceptional Client Advocates

Tom Robinson
Tom RobinsonOperations Manager
Tom brings more than 30 years of experience in the fastener industry, beginning his career at Falcon in 1984. Tom has been an integral component to the ongoing success and growth of Falcon.
Carol Watson
Carol WatsonClient Advocate
Carol started with Falcon in 1985 and transitioned to her current role as a client advocate in 1990. She brings a wealth of enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise to the Falcon team.
Bill Plaisted
Bill PlaistedClient Advocate
Bill joined Falcon in 2011. His extensive sales and customer service background make him well-suited for his role as a Client Advocate.
Mike Parkman
Mike ParkmanClient Advocate
Mike brings more that 30 years of experience in fastening supply and inventory management for the Industrial market. Mike joined Falcon’s team in 2016 as a Client Advocate. Prior to that, Mike was a Purchasing Manager at Lewis-Goetz of Rock Hill, SC.
Craig Jones
Craig JonesClient Advocate
Craig brings more that 20 years of experience to Falcon’s team. Joining the Louisville location in 2015 as a Client Advocate, Craig has applicable experience in purchasing and inventory management with an emphasis in manufacturing. Craig was the previous Operations Manager at WESCO Distribution of Louisville.
Cindy Collins
Cindy CollinsClient Advocate
Cindy is an invaluable member of the Kentucky Client Advocacy staff. She began her career with Falcon in 2010, a year after the acquisition of C&M Solutions of Louisville, KY. Cindy’s experience working in all areas of Falcon’s distribution operation makes her an important player in the success of the company.

Business Development, Marketing & IT

Mike Corbell
Mike CorbellStrategic Coordinator
Mike joined Falcon in 2017. Mike is responsible for qualifying strategic partnerships and coordinating opportunity development. He directs personalized education, solution discovery, and client onboarding.
Aaron Lyles
Aaron LylesBrand Ambassador
Aaron joined Falcon in 2017, bringing over 15 years of manufacturing and production IT experience with him. Over the years he’s spearheaded countless continuous improvement initiatives including cross-functional MRO management systems. He’s passionate about information systems and continuous improvement. Aaron is responsible for directing brand communication and educational initiatives in the areas of lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, and inventory management.
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie ParkerIT Support & Dev.
Stephanie joined Falcon in 2014. In her role in IT Support & Development, Stephanie provides technical support to ensure maximum uptime while researching and implementing new technology to meet the growing needs of the company.

Strategic Purchasing

Mike Broome
Mike BroomeQC / Strat. Purchasing Mgr
Mike joined Falcon in 1997. In his role as QC Manager, Mike is responsible for the quality management system and maintaining regulatory compliance with ISO 9001:2008. As Strategic Purchasing Manager, Mike develops, manages and evaluates Falcon’s overseas supply base. He holds certifications in Six Sigma (Greenbelt), Lean Principles and Lean Management.
Monica Sandoval
Monica SandovalStrat. Purchasing Agent
Monica joined Falcon in 2015. In her role as Strategic Purchasing Agent, Monica acts as Falcon’s in-house liaison with the company’s overseas supply base. She coordinates the overseas purchasing quotes, order placement, shipping and receiving.
Elizabeth Norman
Elizabeth NormanStrat. Purchasing Support
Elizabeth joined Falcon in 2010. In her role as Strategic Purchasing Support, Elizabeth assists in the management of overseas purchasing quotes, order placement, shipping and receiving.

Our Skilled Warehouse & Inventory Staff

David Norman
David NormanWarehouse Manager
David joined Falcon in 1999 and has worked in all facets of the warehouse with certification in lean warehousing principles as well as Five S warehousing. David manages all the logistics and delivery schedules for Falcon’s distribution operations.
Steve Hack
Steve HackInventory Technician
Steve joined Falcon in 2006 and has more than 25 years of warehouse experience.  Steve holds certifications in lean warehouse principles, Five S warehousing and work center supervisor training.  He served 7 years in quality control in the US Marine Corps.  Steve’s background and training play a crucial part in his role as a field Inventory Technician.
Mark Champion
Mark ChampionInventory Technician
Mark joined Falcon’s team in 2015. He previously worked for Reliable Fire & Safety as Warehouse Manager. Mark performs inbound product quality inspections in addition to his client-facing role as a field Inventory Technician servicing clients in the North and South Carolina region.
Dustin McElroy
Dustin McElroyInventory Technician
Dustin joined Falcon’s Kentucky warehouse staff in 2015. Dustin performs inbound quality inspections in addition to his client-facing role as a field Inventory Technician servicing clients in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas.
Christopher Cross
Christopher CrossInventory Technician
Chris joined Falcon’s Kentucky warehouse staff in 2016. Chris is responsible for order quality and accuracy along with shipping and receiving product, maintaining lot and quantity integrity, keeping an orderly work area and fulfilling client standard demands.