Actylus™ Smart Bin System

Actylus™ Smart Bin Sytem


Automated restock alerts keep lines up and running

Keeping your bins full just got a lot easier – and a lot faster. Each Actylus™ smart bin automatically detects low levels and instantly sends an alert, eliminating the need for counting trips and “milk runs”. That means no more safety stock, no more emergency orders, and more importantly, no more lines down. It’s the automated, lean bin solution you’ve been waiting for.


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Features & Benefits

  • Automated, Efficient and Lean
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Bright Lighting
  • Easy Replenishment
  • Fast and Easy Set-Up
  • Automated Reorder Alerts
  • Keep Lines Up and Running
  • Visualize your Supply Chain
bin options

Choose from single-wide and double-wide bins to organize a wide range of supplies and materials.

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Falcon is a proud to offer the Actylus™ Smart Bin System, a product of Apex Supply Chain Technologies™ and powered by Apex™ Connect N' Go Technology. Find out more about the system and technical specifications in this downloadable brochure.

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“As a 17 year customer of Falcon Metal, we have found them to be one of our top performing suppliers. Their performance has constantly been outstanding and it is a real pleasure doing business with them.”
Steve M., Seisco
“Falcon has replaced 63 suppliers of Class “C” production components.  Implementation of their VMI program has provided our purchasing staff the ability to focus on higher priority issues.”
Ruble G., Spirax Sarco
“Falcon and it’s staff have went over and above expectations to give us various options on packaging, alternate manufacturers and bulk ordering of material to help us obtain cost savings and /or maintain our costs. Their flexibility and willingness to work with us makes them one of our most valued suppliers. They make us feel that they are looking out for our best interests.”
Chris Zollman, Lantech