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Free up time to focus on higher priorities

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Lower your investment in production components

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Components and fasteners can account for up to 50% of an original equipment manufacturer's inventory line items.   That's a lot to manage.  Falcon's inventory management solutions free up your time to focus on higher priorities.

Focus on higher priorities

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With Falcon's inventory solutions, you pay for the parts that you use.  No more overstock.  No more obsolescence.  What's more, Falcon keeps your tailored safety stock on hand in our local warehouse available for express delivery at a moment's notice. 

Lower your total investment

Documented cost savings


Falcon documents your savings for the following: labor related savings, inventory carrying cost savings, freight savings, direct acquisition cost savings, error avoidance savings.  We report these savings on a quarterly basis and also provide an executive summary report for you to share with your management.

"Parts are available where we need them, when we need them, every time. Falcon consistently provides on-time delivery, high quality products, with excellent customer service, and competitive prices. That combination is hard to beat! "

Save time.  Save money.  

Save the day.

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