If You Can Spec it, We Can Source it.

Made to Print Fasteners and class C components

With over 2,900 Custom SKU’s in Inventory, Falcon Fastening Solutions is your trusted source for custom fasteners and class C production components. We align the best source, material and method, and we ensure the highest quality for your custom fasteners and class C production components. We can source and supply Made-to-Print parts for practically any engineering drawing or blueprint requirement.

Our Made-to-Print capabilities include (but are not limited to):

4 Slide
Ball Bearings*
Bent Tube Form
Bent Wire Form*
Cold Headed/ Cold Formed*
Copper Tubes
Cutting Tools*
Cut-to-length Rod*
Deep Drawn Parts*

Extruded Parts*
Forged Hardware*
Hot Headed/ Hot Formed*
Manuals/ Flipcharts
Mechanical Assembly
Plastic Injection Molded
Plastic Parts
Progressive Die Stamping*

Rubber Parts
Screw Machine*
Tempered Glass
Thread Cutting Screws*
Thread Forming Screws*

* We provide this item in a full range of commonly-used raw materials.

90% of the Parts We Supply are Custom, Made-to-Print Parts.

Falcon offers the following benefits:
  • A Stringent Quality Control Process
  • A Strategic Purchasing Dept. for Overseas Sourcing
  • Seasoned, Highly Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff
  • An Extensive Domestic and Global Supply Base
  • 35+ years Supplying OEMs
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Onsite Quality Control Lab
  • Inventory Management Services

Quality is in all Parts of our Business

As members of the Global Supply Alliance (GSA), we leverage our global supply chain to bring competitive pricing and top-rated quality in all the products we source. To ensure this promise, each new part goes through a rigorous inspection process at our onsite quality control lab prior to sending samples to our customers. Our current suppliers have passed an intensive approval process and potential new suppliers are researched and sometimes visited by a resident GSA member in country for approval/audit. In addition, we regularly administer supplier scorecard rating reviews and supplier audits to ensure that quality is always at top-of-mind within our supply base.