Project Description


An aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer provides a list of hardware items for the installation and set-up of their equipment. This was challenging and time consuming as the list of items varied with different machines. On select kits, internally they would add additional non-hardware items to the kits prior to sending to the field.

Falcon solution

More than 225 different custom kits are built by Falcon in-house and sold to the customer as needed for each specific machine. The kits can contain 2 to 20 different items. Items from a production order are packaged together and then labeled with a kit number. A given kit can contain up to 150 pieces. Falcon includes all parts needed for every kit.

Falcon results

  • Eliminated internal time spent on these kits for the client. The client provides these parts now as a single kit number.
  • Created a “pull-system” based on need and the client no longer maintains back-up stock on kits.
  • Eliminated internal labor associated with updating kits based on any engineering change.
  • Falcon provides current production kits, past production kits, and retro-fit kits
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