Electric Meter Manufacturer

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Situation A global leading Manufacturer of Utility Meter Solutions wanted to eliminate ownership and management of Class C production components, which accounted for less than 5% of the production spend. The supplier would be measured to 100% optimal production efficiency. […]

Control Valves Manufacturer

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Situation A manufacturer of regulators, valves and fittings has relied on Falcon Metal as their key fastener and Class C component supplier at 3 facilities for over 15 years. One facility utilized Falcon’s VMI program and the other two facilities did purchase and release orders. In 2012 they expressed an interest in implementing a consistent VMI supplier program in all 3 facilities. They also wanted to reduce the amount invested for maintaining on-hand inventory. […]

CNC Router Manufacturer

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Situation A manufacturer of CNC Machines was buying fasteners and other Class C production parts from multiple vendors with the parts stored in a central area. Production Technicians were making many trips daily to the central storage area searching for needed parts. The lack of parts stored in common groups within the same bin caused additional time to find the needed part/s. The process to add new parts was time consuming. Accounting was dealing with numerous invoices from several vendors. […]