Who is Falcon Fastening Solutions, Inc.?

Falcon Fastening Solutions, Inc. is an industrial distributor of fasteners and other Class C production components as well as a vendor managed inventory (VMI) service provider for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Founded in 1979 in Charlotte, NC as Falcon Metal Corporation, the company changed its name in 2014 to Falcon Fastening Solutions.

Today, Falcon Fastening Solutions has full-service distribution centers in Charlotte, NC and Louisville, Kentucky as well as onsite branch locations in client plants in North and South Carolina.

The Falcon Way

Falcon Fastening Solutions will be a leader in the 21st Century by effectively serving the interests of its 4 main “stakeholders” in a win-win manner:

  1. CUSTOMERS by continually striving to reduce Total Procurement Cost of OEM manufacturers and providing prompt, accurate, and timely service to all customers.
  2. SUPPLIERS by developing “partnerships” with key suppliers while treating all other suppliers in a fair and consistent manner in awarding business.
  3. FALCON STAFF by providing opportunity for economic and professional growth consistent with the success of the business while fostering an environment that promotes teamwork.
  4. OWNERSHIP by providing an acceptable ROI and growth in the value of the business.

The needs of each of these groups must be met on a balanced basis to yield the best overall results for all.

  • Teamwork: Place team goals ahead of personal goals
  • Honest/Ethical: Do not compromise principles
  • Open Communications: Share information, be inquisitive, provide suggestions
  • Continuous Improvement: Challenge the status quo to get better
  • Personal Accountability and Responsibility: Outside events can affect us but we control our own destiny
Falcon customers experienced zero production downtime in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 due to stock-out on the parts managed by Falcon Fastening Solutions.

Our Core Competencies

Supply Chain Risk Reduction 90
Strong Supplier Relationships 85
Inventory Management to enable Zero Production Downtime 100
Responsiveness 95