Falcon’s Global Sourcing Capabilities

globeFalcon Fastening Solutions offers our customer the advantage of a high-quality global supply chain established by 35+ years of refinement.

Our suppliers undergo a rigorous assessment and evaluation process to ensure our stringent quality requirements are met. Falcon regularly audits our suppliers to ensure these quality requirements continue to be met on a consistent and ongoing basis.

In addition to our internal efforts, Falcon has been a proud member of the Global Supply Alliance (GSA) since 2012. The GSA is a group of seven distributors whose mission is to work together to “achieve the lowest landed cost, expand our product offering, and improve our worldwide market position.”

The GSA works toward identifying a limited number of preferred GSA suppliers, increasing business with these suppliers, and improving our position in the global supply chain for inventory, lead time and total cost.

Together, the members of the GSA earn approximately $200 Million in revenue and spend more than $120 Million in purchasing volume annually.

We meet regularly to review various member companies’ supplier performance stats to identify and recommend high-performing suppliers to the other member companies. The implementation of this preferred supplier program allows us, as a group, to leverage our purchasing power and perform more well-rounded evaluations and awards.

We strive to work with suppliers who are willing to try new approaches to reduce overall lead times, who will implement a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program to address our supply needs, who can manage lower overall costs and reduced commitment quantities. We value open, candid, regular communications with suppliers who have an interest in pursuing opportunities that benefit both members and themselves. In turn, these benefits can be passed along to our customers.