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Event: Component Kitting


The client produced kits of components needed for field installation of the client’s enterprise air flow management equipment. Because the incumbent vendor refused to kit components, the client was using high-skilled labor (engineers) to produce kits in-house. (more…)


Electric Meter Manufacturer


A global leading Manufacturer of Utility Meter Solutions wanted to eliminate ownership and management of Class C production components, which accounted for less than 5% of the production spend. The supplier would be measured to 100% optimal production efficiency. (more…)


Forklift Mast Manufacturer


A global leader in design and manufacturing of Masts and front-end material handling for Industrial Lifts wanted a vendor managed inventory (VMI) solution that involved them performing the ordering and stocking service. For their goals to be achieved, this required a supplier that would effectively manage inventory at the supplier’s location, have an order entry system that worked with their system, would have material always available, use lean concepts and tools for process improvement, and ship orders promptly. (more…)


Packaging Equipment Manufacturer


A manufacturer of Packaging Equipment utilizes Kanban programs for managing production components. They send automated replenishment orders to their suppliers. The orders are filled and the material is delivered to them on the specified due dates (lead-times are from 2 to 5 days depending on the supplier and the part). They utilize internal labor to; receive the parts, deliver and stock the parts in their designated locations throughout the plant. (more…)


Control Valves Manufacturer


A manufacturer of regulators, valves and fittings has relied on Falcon Metal as their key fastener and Class C component supplier at 3 facilities for over 15 years. One facility utilized Falcon’s VMI program and the other two facilities did purchase and release orders. In 2012 they expressed an interest in implementing a consistent VMI supplier program in all 3 facilities. They also wanted to reduce the amount invested for maintaining on-hand inventory. (more…)


Custom Trailer Manufacturer


A Trailer manufacturer was buying a custom made screw direct from a manufacturer licensed to make the part. To meet the minimum order quantity they were buying 4 to 6 months of inventory per order. The lead-time on every order was 10 to 12 weeks. They incurred freight costs on each order, and it required up to 8 pallets of storage space. (more…)


Steam Solutions Manufacturer


A manufacturer of Industrial Valves was relying on 60+ suppliers to provide the 700 Class C production components used to assemble their products. This created a huge variety in lead-times and supplier responsiveness, along with significant receiving time, and accounts payable work. (more…)


Aftermarket Automotive


An aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer provides a list of hardware items for the installation and set-up of their equipment. This was challenging and time consuming as the list of items varied with different machines. On select kits, internally they would add additional non-hardware items to the kits prior to sending to the field. (more…)

Fasteners and Class C Component Supply

Falcon supplies fasteners and inventory management services to manufacturers in North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.

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