What our Customers Have to Say

“As a 17 year customer of Falcon, we have found them to be one of our top performing suppliers. Their “Just in Time” deliveries have gotten Seisco out of many predicaments over the years. Their performance has constantly been outstanding and it is a real pleasure doing business with them.”
Steve M., Seisco
“By implementing the Falcon barcode inventory system at our facility, we have substantially reduced our inventory without any negative impact on production. Falcon has assigned a full-time person onsite to provide us daily replenishment of 645 parts at over 845 point of use (POU) locations in our plant. Falcon has replaced 63 suppliers of Class “C” production components. Implementation of their system has provided our purchasing staff the ability to focus on higher priority issues.”
Ruble G., Spirax Sarco
“Falcon and its staff have gone above and beyond expectations to give us various options on packaging, alternate manufacturers and bulk ordering of material to help us obtain cost savings and /or maintain our costs. Their flexibility and willingness to work with us makes them one of our most valued suppliers. They make us feel that they are looking out for our best interests.”
Chris Zollman, Lantech
“I have had the opportunity to work with Falcon and have found them to be a good company to work with. Their overall performance and on time delivery are truly outstanding. They have excellent communication with SSI and the inside service is outstanding.
Vincent Carrigan, Falcon’s onsite staff member is a very dependable person. If he leaves the building before the shift is over he passes on that information to everyone at SSI to make sure we have all the items that we need for production.
Falcon never leaves us in the cold. If Vincent is going to be out for any period of time, Falcon always has a backup. Prior to Falcon partnering with SSI, we had big problems with running out of parts. But I can say that teaming up with Falcon was a very good move. I would recommend Falcon to any other manufacturer. I hope that we continue to be on the same team.”
Everett Smalls, Spirax Sarco
“I consider Falcon to be my strongest supplier. Bill and others do more than just fill orders; they take care of every aspect of my hardware business so that I can focus on other areas that need my very limited time. They go the extra mile in asking good questions like; “we see a lot of ½” nuts in this kit, but no screws. Will these attach to something?” They actually read the BOMs.
Every expedite request is attended with urgency. I can always count on the team at Falcon. I learn from them daily.”
Russell Herron, Fab Fours
“For 23 years Falcon has managed our class ‘c’ production components. By utilizing the latest in barcode technology, coupled with their many value-added services, such as kanban systems and quarterly cycle counts. They provide high-quality parts to our point of use (POU) locations throughout our production plant.
Their on-time performance exceeds our company’s expectations, which means parts are available where we need them, when we need them, every time. Falcon consistently provides on-time delivery, high quality products, with excellent customer service, and competitive prices. That combination is hard to beat! We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. Quality, Knowledge, Experience, Service and Dependability, what more can you ask for?”
Ron B., Lift-tek
“Falcon currently manages 243 Class “C” production components onsite at our facility. They have a full-time person onsite dedicated to meeting our daily product needs. Falcon has relieved our staff from the day-to-day sourcing and expediting of Class “C” components so we can focus on better managing the high dollar items. This program has been in place for 11+ years and has reduced our overall acquisition cost for these necessary but nuisance parts. We continue to expand the program on an annual basis.”
Customer@, Itron