Product Capability


Falcon subassembly services improve efficiency. Falcon can source your required components, assemble and supply finished pieces for incorporation with your larger manufactured product.

Package Kittings

Kitting services deliver custom packaged, labeled, and bar-coded kits for a variety of applications, including for use in manufacturing processes, installations, and consumer goods.

Custom Made-to-Spec

Falcon can source and supply Made-to-Print parts for nearly any blueprint or specification. Falcon aligns the best source, material and method, ensuring the highest custom component quality.


Falcon is able to supply industrial and custom made-to-print anchors, anchoring systems and mounting systems for a variety of applications.

Ball Bearings

Falcon supplies a wide range of ball bearings, roller bearings, and bearing accessorie.


Custom bushings come in a variety of types including sintered bushings, filament wound bushings, wrapped bushings, composite bushings, and PTFE polyamide bushings.

Cutting Tools & Abrasives

Cutting Tools and Abrasives

Falcon can provide array of Cutting Tools, including: Drilling, Tapping, Machining, Turning, and Tool Holders. Falcon also supplies custom made-to-specification Specialty Cutting Tools.

Deep Drawn Parts

Deep drawn cans, caps, eyelets, cups, enclosures, pins, ferrules, fasteners, deep drawn housing, nozzles, terminals, cases, etc. If you can spec it we can supply it.

Electrical Cables, Wires, Connectors

Falcon supplies a variety of standard and custom made-to-spec electrical components including wires, wiring harnesses, cables, electrical terminals, cable ties, and more.

Extruded Parts

Extrusion is a forming process that creates items with a fixed cross-sectional profile. The extrusion processes involves pushing softened material with a ram through a die. After the material pushes through the die, the semi-finished part cools and hardens. This material can be cut to the desired length.