Automated Real-Time Replenishment

Reduce Lead Time, Reduce Material Costs, and Eliminate Downtime!

Automated Ordering and Replenishment Alerts Keep Lines Up and Running!

Keeping your bins full and production running just got much easier and faster. Each AutoKanban™ solutions automatically detect low levels and instantly sends external purchase orders (POs) or internal replenishment alerts, eliminating the need for inefficiency counting trips and wasteful “milk-runs”. That means no more safety stock, no more emergency orders, and no more down time.

Cut Operating Costs!

The costs associated with purchasing, receiving, stocking, and holding production components may seem negligible, but can be significant. AutoKanban™ eliminates or greatly reduces these costs.

Reduce Stock!

AutoKanban™ solutions ensure that your facility only carries the precise amount of supply on-hand that’s needed at any given moment. Less stock means less required warehouse space, less stagnant cash, and less risk.

Shrink Lead Times!

AutoKanban™ solutions enables ultra-lean material flow, while ensuring enough stock is at each point in the supply chain so that you always have just enough, but can rapidly get more when sudden and unexpected production events occur.

Slash Procurement Time Waste!

AutoKanban™ solutions completely eliminate the time normally required to procure and manage the exact amount of inventory needed for an ever-changing production schedule.


Boost Profit & Cash Flow!

Because AutoKanban™ eliminates or reduces on-hand inventory, cash once committed to “collecting dust” can now be directed to more valuable functions.

Stop Shutdowns for Good!

Properly managed inventory the supplier eliminates the stockout risks that can halt production and sabotage profitability.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More