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Automated Real-Time Replenishment

Reduce Lead Time, Reduce Material Costs, and Eliminate Downtime!

Automated Replenishment Alerts Keep Lines Up and Running!

Keeping your bins full just got a lot easier and faster. Each Falcon SmartStock™ solutions automatically detects low levels and instantly sends an alert, eliminating the need for counting trips and “milk runs”. That means no more safety stock, no more emergency orders, and no more lines down.

Cut Operating Costs!

The costs associated with purchasing, receiving, stocking, and holding production components may seem negligible, but can be significant. Falcon SmartStock eliminates or greatly reduces these costs.

Reduce Stock!

Falcon SmartStock solutions ensure that your facility only carries the precise amount of supply on-hand that’s needed at any given moment. Less stock means less required warehouse space, less stagnant cash, and less risk.

Shrink Lead Times!

Falcon SmartStock solutions enables ultra-lean material flow, while ensuring enough stock is at each point in the supply chain so that you always have just enough, but can rapidly get more when sudden and unexpected production events occur.

Slash Procurement Time Waste!

Falcon SmartStock solutions completely eliminate the time normally required to procure and manage the exact amount of inventory needed for an ever-changing production schedule.

Boost Profit & Cash Flow!

Because Falcon SmartStock solutions eliminates or reduces on-hand inventory, cash once committed to “collecting dust” can now be directed to more valuable functions.

Stop Shutdowns for Good!

Properly managed inventory the supplier eliminates the stockout risks that can halt production and sabotage profitability.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Done-for-You Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Piece-Perfect Precision

  • 24/7 Real-Time Stock Monitoring

  • Error Proofed Replenishment

  • Tailored Replenishment

  • Eliminate Cycle Counts

  • Simplify ordering and receiving

  • Reduce Stock

  • Improve Accountability

  • Fully Optimized For Speed

  • ZERO Maintenance

Tailored Solutions

SmartStock scales accommodate a variety of size, load, and location requirements. Falcon’s team of lean six-sigma specialists guide the selection of best-fit SmartStock category (below) and the tailored optimization and implementation of your final solution.

SmartStock™ Bronze SmartStock™ Silver SmartStock™ Gold
Automated Ordering
Dedicated Client Advocate
Bins, Labels, Scanner
POU Replenishment Available Available Available
Central Stock Replenishment Available Available Available
Online Dashboard
Accuracy Basic Min/Max 0.03% of Full Scale 0.25% – 0.5% of Full Scale
Capacity 12, 23 lbs 5, 25, 50, 250, 1.3k, 2.2k lbs 10, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 1k, 2.5k, 5k & 10k lbs
Digital Integration (CRM, ERP, etc.)
Automated Invoicing
Real-Time Reporting
SMS Alerts
Connectivity USB, WiFi, CAT5 USB, RS232, UART, WiFi, CAT5, Zigbee USB, R232, UART, WiFi, CAT5, Zigbee, Cellular

Steamlined Supply

Eliminate the waste in your costly supply processes with 100% real-time visibility on your floor and in your supplier’s warehouse!

Learn More About Automated Real-Time Replenishment!

SmartStock empowers you to remotely monitor inventory levels. SmartStock technology can be integrated into shelves, racks, industrial vending machines or jobsite containers. SmartStock solutions easily integrate into existing networks. Remote monitoring empowers you to check stock and analyze usage trends for easy supply-chain optimization anywhere, anytime.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us…

I consider Falcon to be my strongest supplier. They do more than just fill orders; they take care of every aspect of my hardware business so that I can focus on other areas that need my very limited time.

Russell Herron, Fab Fours

I consider Falcon to be my strongest supplier. They do more than just fill orders; they take care of every aspect of my hardware business so that I can focus on other areas that need my very limited time.

Russell Herron, Fab Fours
Falcon has replaced 63 suppliers of Class “C” production components. Implementation of their system has provided our purchasing staff the ability to focus on higher priority issues.
Ruble Gray, Spirax Sarco

Falcon and it’s staff have went over and above expectations to give us various options on packaging, alternate manufacturers and bulk ordering of material to help us obtain cost savings and /or maintain our costs. Their flexibility and willingness to work with us makes them one of our most valued suppliers. They make us feel that they are looking out for our best interests.

Chris Zollman, Lantech

As a 17 year customer of Falcon Metal, we have found them to be one of our top performing suppliers. Their performance has constantly been outstanding and it is a real pleasure doing business with them.

Steve M., Seisco

Fasteners and Class C Component Supply

Falcon supplies fasteners and inventory management services to manufacturers in North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.

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