18 May 2020

5S Action Guide

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It’s important to remember that 5S applies to anyone regardless of profession or industry. If applied properly, 5S will help you in many different aspects. A 5S action guide will help you track everything you plant to improve in your workplace. From beginning to end, this will help you stay on track with your plans and actions you have taken and ensure 5S success.

11 May 2020

5S Skills Matrix

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The 2 key pillars of any lean enterprise are continuous improvement and respect for people. Knowing and improving your team’s skillsets help your company to overcome the many future challenges of the changing business landscape.

4 May 2020

5S Shitsuke (Sustain)

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Shitsuke (Sustain), sometimes called self-discipline, is step 5 in the 5S process. In 5S, sustain refers to the commitment and self-discipline to maintain the previous four 5S steps – seiri (sort), seiton (sort), seiso (sweep), and seiketsu (standardize), and is key to continuous improvement success…

27 Apr 2020

5S Seiketsu (Standardize) and Visual Management

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The fourth step in the lean 5S (6S) process is seiketsu, or standardized. Standardize is fundamentally about establishing clear, unambiguous norms for people to perform. Standards are a prerequisite for continuous improvement. As Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System (TPS) put it, “Where there is no standard, there can be no improvement.”

20 Apr 2020

5S Seiso (Sweep)

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Seiso is the third step the lean 5S process. Seiso translates from Japanese as “sweep” or “shine”. However, this translation often contributes to the superficial interpretation that sweeping or shining only relates to making areas subjectively clean or hygienic.

13 Apr 2020

5S – Seiton (Straighten)

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Straighten (Seiton) is the second step of the 5S process. After we have eliminated unneeded items for the workplace, we must determine where the remaining items belong. Straightening is all about arranging items in a way that maximizes efficiency. Thus, we should put the things we need the most, in a designated, close, and clearly labeled place. A common misconception is that straighten simply means to neatly arrange items, such as in orderly rows. But this couldn't be further from the truth...

6 Apr 2020

5S Sorting and Red Tagging

2020-04-15T22:23:03-04:00April 6th, 2020|Categories: Lean Manufacturing|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Sorting is a powerful part of the lean 5S process. Sorting is also one of the most misunderstood of the 5S steps. Sorting empowers continuous improvement by eliminating items from work areas lacking use or value. Sorting can improve safety, workflow, and throughput.

30 Mar 2020

5S Overview

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5S is a simple, intuitive, powerful method that can be applied to any workplace or industry from equipment manufacturing to legal services. While 5S creates orderly workplaces it’s far more than simple cleaning or housekeeping. 5S drives continuous improvement in workplaces by systematically exposing waste, making abnormalities visible, and prompting change for the better.

23 Mar 2020

Introduction to Lean Concepts

2020-04-15T22:22:33-04:00March 23rd, 2020|Categories: Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Lean is a collection of operational concepts, frameworks, and approaches for driving continuous improvement in organizations. Lean accompishes this through relentlessly focusing on maximizing customer value while minimizing the 8 wastes, such as inventory.

16 Mar 2020

Assessing Seasonal Demand

2020-04-15T22:26:44-04:00March 16th, 2020|Categories: Inventory Management, Lead Time Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain|

Properly assessing demand variation is vital to inventory management success, starting with defining proper safety stock and inventory levels. However, before you can assess and item’s demand variation, you must determine whether it experiences seasonality.

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