Movement waste is defined as the unnecessary physical movement of people. Poor work space layout, poor production floor layout, inefficient processes, lack of standardized procedures all comprise movement waste.

How VMI Services Reduce Movement Waste
The most effective VMI programs provide “dock to stock” delivery of components by the distributor as close to the point-of-use (POU) as possible. A reliable VMI supplier should be capable of delivering replenishment stock to a central stocking location, to multiple stocking locations, or directly to POU. An onsite program or a bi-weekly/ weekly replenishment cycle can keep a busy production floor running smoothly.

If an OEM doesn’t already have working bins established at the point of use, a VMI partner would very likely suggest this solution for high-use work stations, minimizing movement waste.

VMI significantly reduces the number of activities by the OEM’s staff to receive, inspect, put into inventory, and pull items when needed for production. However, even with a more basic VMI program, the OEM reduces or eliminates some of these areas of waste depending upon how the manufacturer chooses to have their parts ordered, received, stocked and replenished.

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Reliable Stock™ Lean VMI Solutions by Falcon

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