Defect waste is defined as Time and effort wasted producing and correcting broken, incorrect or defective products or actions. This can range from typos in documentation to faulty parts in production components.

How VMI Services Reduce Defect Waste
A reputable VMI provider has an onsite quality lab and/or a 3rd party accredited lab to test and validate sample parts and first article inspection
pieces to consistently meet an OEM’s specifications. The VMI also deals with the vendor when the parts don’t meet quality requirements, taking another burden off of Purchasing (often before the OEM even knows about the issue, unless it will impact product availability). In addition to this more obvious impact on defect waste, a VMI partner can help reduce or eliminate defects such as typos in purchase orders by implementing a barcode/scanning system for generating reorders or by integrating directly with an OEM’s existing ordering system.

Look for a ISO 9001:2015 Supplier
Businesses that seek ISO 9001:2015 certification need to demonstrate that they can not only deliver reliable customer service and products, but also that they are actively reevaluating their current processes and policies to find ways to improve their operations by conducting regular internal audits to monitor the execution of policies and procedures.

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Reliable Stock™ Lean VMI Solutions by Falcon

Falcon’s Reliable Stock™ lean VMI program delivers 100% production uptime efficiency and reduces your lead times, while lowering your overall inventory investment in class C production components and fastening supplies. Download the Reliable Stock™ brochure today to find out how you could be saving time and money.
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