Project Description

July 25, 2017 – Charlotte, NC – In response to popular demand, Falcon Fastening Solutions® is pleased to offer the compact Actylus™ smart bin benchtop series. Actylus is a product of Apex Supply Chain Technologies®. The cloud-based Actylus is an intelligent Kanban system that eliminates manual counting, cards, labels, flags, safety stock and emergency orders. The result is zero downtime, improved productivity and better efficiency.

The new bench-top series increases the use cases for the Actylus system. Powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a secure business intelligence platform that integrates and connects to existing systems, the Actylus™ smart bin system improves productivity, visibility, reliability and accessibility throughout a business operation. The cloud is able to monitor the smart bin solution to see when items need restocking, simultaneously tracking usage patterns and trends through a reporting system. Stock levels can even be checked via phone or email anytime and anywhere.

The Actylus™ automated replenishment system is capable of storing and monitoring any item traditionally stored in bins, from electrical components to healthcare supplies. It is fast and easy to set-up, and interior lights keep bin contents visible to ensure swift selection.

The Actylus™ streamlines the replenishment, reducing the cost and time to stock bins by 30 percent or more. This significantly improves productivity and efficiency.

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