Project Description


The client produced kits of components needed for field installation of the client’s enterprise air flow management equipment. Because the incumbent vendor refused to kit components, the client was using high-skilled labor (engineers) to produce kits in-house. To limit kit building time, engineers visually estimated the number of components needed in each kit, and packaged components were not individually labeled.
In the field, installers received packages of unlabeled components. As a result, they had to spend a large amount of time sorting through parts to find those needed. Because of the kit building process, there were often a large amount of excess parts that were either disposed of or ended up cluttering installer vehicles. Other times, item quantities were short, resulting in delayed installation, and expedite costs.


Falcon kitting service.


  • Reduced total kitting cost
  • Eliminated need for high-skilled labor in the kitting process.
  • Improved field installation efficiency. Reduced item identification time by ~76.19%
  • Improved order accuracy (~79.67% to 99.997%)
  • Reduced shrinkage due to over supplied components.
  • Eliminated expedite orders due to short orders.
  • Eliminated downtime due to short orders.
  • Improved installer relations.
  • Improved client experience.
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