Project Description

December 11, 2017 – Charlotte, NC – The Falcon team wants to congratulate two Falcon employees Mark Champion (Inventory Technician) and Mike Parkman (Client Advocate) for being selected to receive a National Fastener Distributors Association (NFDA) scholarship to attend Fastener Training Week.

Fastener Training Week is a week-long intensive version of the seven-course Fastener Training Institute (FTI) Certified Fastener Specialist™ advanced technical training program. The training is produced by Industrial Fasteners Institute, in partnership with FTI. Some of the topics covered in the course included thread technology, testing standards, lot traceability, understanding fastener failure, proper print reading, and much more.

Mr. Champion and Mr. Parkman are among 6 other recipients selected to receive the NFDA scholarship. Applicants were evaluated and selected based on personal achievements, work experience, an essay, and employer recommendations. Identifying information was redacted so that the selection committee did not know the names or employers of those applying for the scholarship.


National-Fastener-Distributors-Association -NFDA-Fastener Training-scholarship-recipient-mike-parkman

NFDA Fastener Training Week Scholarship Recipient: Mike Parkman

National-Fastener-Distributors-Association -NFDA-Fastener Training-scholarship-recipient-Mark-Champion

NFDA Fastener Training Week Scholarship Recipient: Mark Champion


Congratulations guys!