Event: Component Kitting


Situation The client produced kits of components needed for field installation of the client’s enterprise air flow management equipment. Because the incumbent vendor refused to kit components, the client was using high-skilled labor (engineers) to produce kits in-house. […]

Expedited VMI Implementation


Situation A new client decided to replace its an incumbent supplier with Falcon. The incumbent refused to support the12 week planned transition. […]

VMI Implementation


Situation The client had a pre-existing delivery service in place that was referred to as “VMI”, but the program was not a true VMI. The incumbent vendor was simply doing delivery only and calling it VMI. […]

Electric Meter Manufacturer


Situation A global leading Manufacturer of Utility Meter Solutions wanted to eliminate ownership and management of Class C production components, which accounted for less than 5% of the production spend. The supplier would be measured to 100% optimal production efficiency. […]