Reliable Stock™ Reduces Cost, Reduces Lead Time, And Eliminates Downtime!

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Learn how leading manufacturers rapidly reduce cost, reduce lead time, and eliminate downtime!

What Clients Are Saying

Russell Herron - Fab Fours

"I consider Falcon to be my strongest supplier. They do more than just fill orders; they take care of every aspect of my hardware business so that I can focus on other areas that need my very limited time."

Ruble Gray - Spirax Sarco

"By implementing the Falcon barcode inventory system at our facility, we have substantially reduced our inventory without any negative impact on production. Falcon has assigned a full-time person onsite to provide us daily replenishment of 645 parts at over 845 point of use (POU) locations in our plant. Falcon has replaced 63 suppliers of Class “C” production components. Implementation of their system has provided our purchasing staff the ability to focus on higher priority issues."

Jack R - Engineered Controls, Inc.

"Falcon's inventory management program has allowed us to reduce our fasener inventory by over 50%!."

Amanda Chan - Kendrion FAS Controls

"My goal was a 20% reduction in inventory and we see that over time that goal will be far exceeded." 


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Falcon saves manufacturers time and money by managing the nuisance parts that typically consume 81.23% of procurement's time.

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*All submitted information is completely confidential and is not shared with any third parties.

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