27 Jul 2020

Kaizen Event Roles

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Kaizen events are team efforts requiring participants to perform certain roles. Thus, a key part of kaizen event planning is assigning roles for the kaizen event. In this article we introduce a a few common key kaizen event roles and requirements necessary to ensure a successful kaizen event.

20 Jul 2020

The Kaizen Event

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Kaizen events can be used to swiftly improve almost any process that can be observed, measured and changed. Because teams in kaizen events are cross-functional and focused, it is much easier to make changes quickly and optimally at minimal costs to the company.

13 Jul 2020

Kaizen Overview – The 3 Gens

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Kaizen is a lean continuous improvement tool, that literally means to change for the better. Kaizen empowers you to deconstruct processes and develop and implement better versions of those processes. However, before we can effectively apply kaizen, we must firmly understand the "3 gens" or the "3 actuals".

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